Sham Idrees


Sham Idrees is a popular MC, singer-songwriter, and record producer.He is social media star as well and has a huge fan following.He is famous for his singles such as "Fame and a Girl”, "Bolo Na", "Pyar Hoa" etc.His debut in a mainstream record was summer 2012 with the single ‘Bolo Na’ which turned out to be a hit and topped the UK Asian charts.He is also known for his song ‘London 2 Paris’. He has an Internet shop where he sells sportswear for kids and adults.He also works for a charity and is concerned about the underprivileged people. He has got a good sense of humor and is a prankster who keeps his audience engaged.He is followed by 1,237,726 on YouTube, 1.1m followers on Instagram and 220K followers on micro-blogging site Twitter.